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Why VaahCMS?

How many times have you used a CMS to build website and Laravel for application development?
Everytime, isn't it?

Well, not next time. Use VaahCMS in your next project and develop your application with content management that doesn't come in your way.

Read more reasons to try VaahCMS:

Easy to Install

VaahCMS is just one command away. Step by step wizard to setup VaahCMS with all necessary setting.

Headless Content Management

Yes, you read it correct. You are in control to define content structure for your next website.

HMVC Ready

Hierarchical model–view–controller (HMVC) ready. Each module and theme has it's own MVC directory structure.

Extendable Control Panel

Easy to extend the various section of Administrator control panel without any sweat. One centralize file to manage all extendable sections.

Isolated Vue Apps

Develop vue apps your way. Modules and themes can have there own Vue apps which can be configured the way you want it.

Theme with no restrict

CMS generally restrict you to follow certain guidelines to develop themes, in VaahCMS is none. Feel like you're working with Laravel, the way you know it.

Not enough to try?

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