Configure Blade File

At VaahCms/Themes/BlogTheme/Resources/views/frontend/ directory you will find 3 blade file.

  • Default: When the link has no content or page, you can call this file.
  • Home: This file represent the Home Page.
  • Welcome: This file will shown only in new setup.

At VaahCms/Themes/BlogTheme/Http/Controllers/Frontend/FrontendController.php file you will find index method and update blogtheme::frontend.pages.index change in to blogtheme::frontend.home at line 18 which will display the view from VaahCms/Themes/BlogTheme//Resources/views/frontend/home.blade.php .


Now, you also need to update home.blade.php file.


Copy this code and paste it in home.blade.php file.