# Setup Notifications with queues

Follow the following steps:

  1. Set QUEUE_CONNECTION to database in your active env file
  2. Visit Setting > General > Site Settings > Laravel Queues in your backend dashboard and enable it.
  3. Run or setup cron job for php artisan queue:work --queue=high,medium,low,default --env=env_filename

# Sending Notifications

By default VaahCMS does not use laravel queues/jobs to schedule the notification.

To send notification you can use following code:

Notification::dispatch($notification, $user, $inputs, $priority)

Name Description
$notifiable is the instance of WebReinvent\VaahCms\Entities\Notification
$user is the instance of WebReinvent\VaahCms\Entities\User
$inputs is the a data array contain values of strings. Eg. If the notification contains #!USER:NAME!# string and then the $input array must be:

$inputs = [
  "user" => [
    "name" => "John"
This will replace the string with value provided in the inputs.
$priority it is the order of execution of the jobs. You can provide following values
high medium low default

# Sending Without Queues

If you want to send the notification without laravel queues, you can use following code

Notification::send($notification, $user, $inputs)