General Setting

The Settings page gives developers the ability to access all backend functionality of the app. Along with accessing this information, developers can further customize the backend functionality of their application.

The Settings page automatically opens under the General tab. Here, you can update Site Title, set the format of Date Time and do many more things.

Visit following url you will see the Setting section:


Settings are divided in to 5 section.

Note:Most of the Setting will work only when you put Setting Code in Project.

# Site Settings

Clear Cache: This will clear cache of your Application. You can also directly visit:


# Date & Time

# Social Media & Links

# Scripts

# Meta Tags

# How to create Setting

You can create a Setting through Seeds and add a field on Setting Form for that Setting.

Create a json file of name settings.json at .../Database/Seeds/json/ this directory.


To run this seed, you have to create seedSetting() method in DatabaseTableSeeder.php file.


Now you just have to create a field in Setting page at .../Vue/pages/settings/ directory.