Permissions allow users to access certain features of a course or project site, depending on their roles, and on the decisions made by the site owner and the system administrator. The ability to do actions on your site (including viewing content, editing content, and changing configuration) is governed by permissions. Each permission has a name (such as View published content) and covers one action or a small subset of actions.

# Default Permissions

These permissions are created through seeds while setup a project.

# Create a Permission

User can create a permission through seeds. Create a json file of name permissions.json at .../VaahCms/Modules/{module_name}>/Database/Seeds/json/ this directory.


To run this seed, you have to add some code in DatabaseTableSeeder.php at .../VaahCms/Modules/{module_name}>/Database/Seeds/ this directory.


# Manage Roles

You can add permissions in a role in Permissions section. By clicking on Role column, a page will open that contain list of Roles along with Yes/NO Button.

VaahCms provide a method to check the User's permission.